Friday, 2 October 2015

A Birthday Adventure

Brilliant. Puppynap picked me up and said we were going on a birthday adventure.

Ooh where we going?

Then we was at my shop and Puppynap said I could have anything I wanted.

I had a good sniff around, nah not that, got steak at home.

And then said hello to all the little animals that live there.

I chose some chicken bones and a great big chew and then we got back in the car for the second part of the birthday surprise.

Off to see some cows in a field...

...and a walk under a little bridge. This all looks familiar.

Wow big house over there.

*Sniff, sniff* This area is familiar.

Then we went back to the car and I thought we was going home...

...and then Daddy turned up!

We were off to have a River birthday picnic by the river.

Um my favourites, steak and red peppers. Delicious!

This is the best birthday picnic by the river on my birthday EVER!