Friday, 26 December 2014

On Boxing Day

When we got up I told David that Christmas wasn't over with yet, today was the day after Christmas, Boxing Day!

I sat and waited for The Elf to turn up and I waited and waited and waited and then she didn't come.

Puppynap saw I was sad and said I could have an early lunch, turkey, peas and sweetcorn. Ummm!


After lunch I went outside to have a little chat with my friends, we chatted about what we all did yesterday. Then I came in and David was having a little play on Puppynap's legs.

But David wasn't up for playing rough and tumble so I was given a Christmas present treat as I hadn't done anything wrong.

Then when that was all eaten up I went back so we could go sleepy together. That's what happens on Boxing Day evening, everyone goes to sleep all evening.

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