Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I Heard A Cry From Under The Sofa

I was just having a little sleep when I heard a knock, knock on the door and Puppynap said get ready some people are coming in to do some work on the house.

Phew that's OK then, I'm sleepy today after being up with David-Shiro for ages playing last night and I wasn't in the mood to socialise.

So I went and sat in the window seeing who I could see.

But then I heard a cry from under the sofa.

It was David-Shiro he was very scared when the man in the kitchen started doing drilling and knocking things.

It's OK David-Shiro don't worry, come and sit with me if you want and I'll make sure you're OK.

But that didn't work and in the end Puppynap said he would look after him and played with his ball to distract him while I went back to looking out the window at the rain coming down.

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