Thursday, 25 December 2014

My 3rd Christmas - I Decided To Eat The Snowflake

IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY and I was very excited. David and me slept by our stocking all of the night. We tried to stay awake to say hello to Father Christmas but we must have fallen asleep because we didn't see him.

When we woke up Daddy was still asleep. On Christmas Eve we all sleep together in the loving room, we always have and so it was easy for me and David to know what to do.

David got up high and then jumped right on them to wake them up.

But it didn't work at first, Daddy still was asleep.

But when I ran over his head he woke up and said Happy Christmas River-Roo and gave me a great big cuddle and then said it was time to see what Father Christmas had brought me.

There was lots of food and treats and bones and things. I decided to eat the snowflake.

And then David showed me what Father Christmas had brought him. A monkey on a piece of string.

Wow look at it fly.

Well done you caught it.

We then was tired so we had a little sit down before Puppynap tidies up,

And as soon as he tidied up he said I could have some paper to play with.

BRILLIANT! I love paper.

And then we all say down for another treat and then Daddy said come on River...

...we're going out for a Christmas morning walk.

BRILLIANT I can jump on Christmas Day, that's a brilliant thing.

We then went to the stream, it was lovely as sunny.

I know where we're going, we're going to see Nanny and Grandad.

And just as we got home the door went dong, ding...

And The Elf and the Husband Elf came in. I let them rub my tummy.

And then an ever better thing happened, lots more paper came out for me to play with.

After all that excitement I needed to have a little rest and so I sat on Puppynap to have a look through the window.

It was tiring work.

Then all of a sudden it was dinnertime. Today as it's Christmas Day I had the turkey!

And we all sat down to watch a film about a cat in boots. BOOTS!

When I woke up it was dark and I was next to The Elf. I don't know how I got there but it was lovely.

But David was missing. We searched everywhere for him... 

...and then we found him at the top of the stairs. Puppynap said let's leave him to do his thing... I came down the stairs and Daddy let me have another treat from Father Christmas.

And then I settled down in front of the fire. It's been a brilliant day, I've had lots of fun.

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