Monday, 15 December 2014

Beef AND Chips!

I thought  when I saw Puppynap put on his shoes that he was going to take me out but then he said I had to stay at home as he had a few errands to run and he didn't want me to be stuck in the car.

Oh I was a bit disappointed but it was made better by having a cuddle on the sofa with David-Shiro

But when he came in he said as I was such a good girl that he was going to give me and David-Shiro a really good treat.



But then when I was finished I saw the he had some chips.

Did you know Puppynap I LOVE CHIPS!

Did you know that?

Umm they look lovely, is there a little one there for me? Just a little one, that one on the side of the plate will do nicely, and those couple next to it. 

Um been AND chips for lunch. Ahhhhhh!