Friday, 1 August 2014

There's Boats Too!

Daddy came home from work and said come on River, we're going on an afternoon adventure.

BRILLIANT! Where we going Daddy?

Oh where are we?

Ooh we're at some lakes that are a long way away from us.

And we're with our friends the girl and her brother.

Wow this is great there's an adventure playground with all these MASSIVE sticks to play with.

And there's not just giant sticks...

...there's boats too!

Come on Puppynap...

...we're right at the lake now...

...and look there's lots of birds on the lake.

Come on keep up Puppynap.

Because there are lots and lots of ducks and swans and things.

Wow this had been brilliant but it's getting dark now...

...and I'm worried you might get lost in the grass.

Don't worry, here I am!