Monday, 11 August 2014

All Of A Sudden - Reiki

I'm still not feeling very well, these lady times are horrible. I did manage a few mouthfuls of chicken and red peppers today and I even called over the wall to my friend in the other garden this afternoon but I think I overdid it as tonight after dinner I felt a bit all over the place, I just couldn't get comfy.

Puppynap and Daddy came down onto the floor with me and we all put our heads together, they said they were sharing the love and wished they could take my pain away. All of a sudden Puppynap said we can, let me do some Reiki on baby.

I didn't know what he meant but he said some strange words and did some curly things in the air and then put his hands all over me. They felt very warm. I don't think it took it all away but he eyes did feel a little brighter. I think I'll have a little sleep now, I hope I feel better when I wake up.