Sunday, 31 August 2014

I Even Cleaned My Teeth

Daddy said come on River we're going out to show off your new haircut.

Puppynap, Daddy said we're going out and he said we're going to a party. BRILLIANT I love parties. Look I even cleaned my teeth.

When we stopped driving we all got out and saw the girl and the girls brother. 

Daddy ran me around a field until I got all out of breath.

And then we said goodbye and went back in the car and drove for ages until we saw the sea and Daddy said come on River we're going to visit some friends.

BRILLIANT Daddies friend is having a little baby and we all rubbed her tummy, I liked her a lot she said I was really cute and gave me lots of cuddles.

And then we all went out and finally got to our party. 

I love a good party, lots of strokes and bits of food fallen on the floor for me to eat. Perfect day.