Sunday, 10 August 2014

She Tried All Day

Oh my poor tummy, things are swelling and I can't get comfy no matter how hard I try.

Usually half on the sofa, half on the foot stool is a brilliant place to lay, but not today.

I then tried laying out on the floor, when I get hot it's a great place to lay, but today it didn't work.

I then thought maybe if I sit up it will be OK...

...but Puppynaps lap looked comfy so I sat on there a while but I still felt really hot... I went and sat by the backdoor and got the breeze. That was great and then Puppynap went out to pick some berries from the tree...

...and so I went and sat out there with him. It was the best so far it was windy keeping me cool and the grass was soothing to my swelling. But then it started to rain and Daddy called me in.

The rain came down a lot and I couldn't go back out side and so I thought I'd try and get comfy on my chair.

But no matter how many positions I got into none of them were any good.

I did manage a few minutes sleeping next to Daddy but it just didn't last very long.

Oh I hate lady times, when will it all be over, I just want to be normal again!