Monday 5 May 2014

River Song Chatty Dog

Come on everyone it's a lovely day, let's play chase the pink ball!

Do you want to play Nadia?

"Go away, leave me alone, digging!"

Anyone out there want to chat with me today?

No one was out there to chit chat with but Puppynap called me inside and said if I chatted a little quieter I can have all this pepper to myself!

Just as I finished eating I saw a cat outside and called out to him.

Do you want to come and talk to me today kitty cat?


He didn't so I went outside to see if Nadia was in the mood to chat.


So I went up to Puppynap and had a little chat with him.

And then I heard some doggies from the other gardens had come out to play and we all had a little chat with each other over the fences. I wonder what their worlds are like?

Daddy, DADDY I've just heard all the local news. DADDY!

Ready for that chat yet Nadia? 


 OK maybe later.

*Give me a break* 

Phew what an afternoon I've had!