Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Surprise For Later In The Week

I was just sitting wondering what I was going to do today when I heard a toot, toot from outside, wow there was a visitor come to see me, it was...

...the Elf! 

Brilliant Elf and Husband Elf come and play with these things with me.

And then Daddy put his sock on which means...

...he's getting ready to go out. Brilliant am I coming? Am I coming? What do you mean I've got to stay here with The Elf, if I can't come you're not going, now give me that sock!

It didn't work, Daddy and Puppynap and Husband Elf all went out in the car and was gone a very long time!

But it was OK when they came back they said they had a surprise for later on in the week and we all had fish and chips and chicken and peas and a pepper shaped like a heart for dinner.

After dinner is always the time for me to play, I can feel it running through my veins, Come on Elf get ready!

And run around the garden with me and my pink ball. Run! RUN!

When we came in we needed to have a little treat. They all had Ice Cream and I had goats milk! Umm!


And I got it all over my chin!