Saturday, 17 May 2014

Phoebe And Me Waited In Line

Daddy and Puppynap said to me come on River we're going to take you to play with some of your friends and we all got in the car.

We didn't go very far and then all of a sudden we was at the boy and the girls and Phoebe and Flo's house.

I don't know where Flo was but Phoebe was waiting for me with her mummy. I was so pleased to see her that I gave her a great big kiss, right on her face.

We then all went outside and Phoebe came with us and Daddy said we were going to have a bar-b-que. Brilliant I love bar-b-que's I always get lots of lovely things to eat.

The boy started to do the cooking and Phoebe and me waited in line for him to be finished so we could have our dinner.

When's it going to be ready?

And then it was and I had potato and a burger and then I had something I've never had before it's called ribs.

Ribs are brilliant you get meat and a bone all in one. Um delicious!

And then the cat that lives next door came out the window to say hello.

Hello little cat, be careful, don't fall.

By this time I was really tired and cuddled up with Puppynap to have a sleep...

...and when I woke up it was nighttime and there was a big fire and everyone was sitting around laughing and talking. It was a bit hot for me so I went off to see if there was anymore of those ribs things. Thank you Phoebe and Flo and the boy and the girl, we had a brilliant time with you today.