Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Special Trip

I was just having a little sleep this afternoon when Puppynap said come on River, you're going for a special trip and to a party.

A party brilliant, come on then let's get going!

After we went in the car we got out and went onto A TRAIN STATION.

This is where we get Daddy from at night. I wonder if we are going to meet him off the train?

Here comes the train.

But Daddy didn't get off, we got on!

It was brilliant, we went very fast and saw fields going by very fast.

And then Puppynap said look River this is a special place where lots of lost cats and doggies go to be looked after. What an amazing place and lovely kind people looking after all those cats and doggies.

And then we went over a big river that Puppynap said was called The Thames.

When we got off the train I got a carry because there was so many people everywhere. I'm glad I got a carry as everyone kept on bumping into each other.

Then we went down lots of streets and there was smells everywhere. All of a sudden we were at a place where lot's of cars came from every direction.

Where are we Puppynap?

We're at The Palace. What's The Palace?

It was very busy there and I was glad to get a chance to have a play in the park. It was beautiful there and I had lots of fun.

Ah The Palace again, that's where a Queen lives, I prefer to look at it from up here, less peoples legs and cars coming at you from every direction!

We then went down a big road but it was very dusty and it made me sneeze all the way up the road. In the end Puppynap stopped and gave me a drink to clear my nose, I was very glad because it worked and I was very thirsty by then.

At the end there was a horse that stood very still, even though it was raining, I would have run away.

Then Puppynap said we were going to go and visit a place called Trafalga Square that his mummy and daddy used to take him to go playing in when he was a little boy.

Wow, come on.

Quick Puppynap there's water fountains over there that I want to go and have a look at.

Right where we going to now?

We're going to chase the birdies, that's where we're going.

Puppynap said he's got pictures when he was a little boy playing on the big lions and that he would show them to me this weekend. Brilliant!

And then we went up about 500 hundred steps, but that was OK I like running up the steps.

After we ran around a lot of people we went to somewhere called Leicester Square where a great big monster lives....

...but I didn't mind because there was a park to play in right in the middle.

I like warm hugs too!

This place Puppynap said is called London. I've been to London before but it wasn't this big, there's so many things to see here. There's even a bit called China Town!

And on the other side we got to where we were going. It was a pub! I've been to pubs before and I love them because I always get lots of strokes and things. 

Puppynap said Daddy was coming. Brilliant Daddies coming, quick phone him up and make him come quicker.

Daddy came and showed me a mug with my picture on it. It must be a party especially for me!

And then lots and lots of people came and gave Daddy kisses and me lots of strokes and we all laughed and shouted as there was loud music. I was very tired by this time though and went for a long sleep and then Daddy woke me up and said it was time to go home...

...but as I was a tired girl he would carry me but he wanted to show me a big stone doggie that came from China that was just like me. Brilliant it's lovely but I'm very tired Daddy!

Oh doesn't London look lovely at night, all the bright lights are everywhere.

I'm glad Daddy carried me so we didn't have to go down that nasty Underground, I've been down it before but I really didn't like it much at all, it scared me and they promised me I would never have to go down one again and they were being honest we didn't have to.

I've had the bestest day but I'm so glad we're on the train again going home. Thanks everyone for a BRILLIANT day!