Wednesday 8 May 2013

Yellow Lines

 Puppynap takes so long to get ready. He put my brace on and then went up and down the stairs about 19 times, I got so fed up waiting, it's like a great big tease all the time that we're actually going to go out.

It was brilliant when we did go out though. He said he was taking me to see nanny and we went down this big alleyway, they really should do some weeding down here!

They also need to cut the grass on the other side, damn what is it with people around here, get out in the garden and sort it out.

When we got to the stream Puppynap tried to get me to drink but I didn't want to I wanted to sniff the flowers.

I was thirsty when we got around the corner though, lucky there was this lovely puddle to drink from.

On the way home I saw some birds and had a great time chasing them, they got away though by flying on the roof, I wouldn't have hurt them I just wanted to give them a little lick.

It was very hot today and we walked for a very long way when we came to the big road I just had to sit down but Puppynap said I wasn't allowed to sit down there, what does he mean I was tired?

I was so glad to get home I was just pooped out, I had just about enough energy to tell Nadia all about it though.