Sunday 12 May 2013

Inspector River

Daddy and Puppnap said come on let's go and see Grandad it's his birthday today so we need to go and take him some flowers. OK then I fancy a little walk outside it's a lovely day.

When we was on our way I got a feeling that there was something out their waiting for me today. I found this strange hole and had a sniff but whatever I was looking for wasn't there.

Maybe it would be on the other side of this big hill. 

No it wasn't there but there was some lovely Daisy flowers that I had a little sniff of, I love sniffing flowers and do it all the time. 

Ah this looks more like the sort of place. The trouble is it's hard to find something when you don't know what it is but you know you are supposed to find something.

Is it in there? No, nothing there!

I think it must be the other side of this stream then!

Nope just some little fish in there, come on daddy I can feel we are getting nearer now though!

We made it all the way to see Grandad but there was nothing in there that felt like it was it. I was a good girl though as I waited really patiently as Puppynap gave Grandad his flowers.

Ah there it is waiting for us on the bench when we came out that must be what I was looking for all along, the sausage man.

I was so proud of myself doing all that investigating and am so happy to be heading home now it was a very long walk and a very big adventure for me today.