Monday 6 May 2013

They Weren't Getting The Hint

I was having a nice little sit in the sun in the garden just gently knocking my sparkly ball around between my paws when Daddy and Puppynap came out to see me. They came over to me and said come on let's play and they grabbed my ball and started to throw it to each other.

Daddy stayed by the door and Puppynap sat at the back of the garden, the lazy thing, still it was great fun.

I got quicker and quicker though and there was lots of times that I caught up with it and once I even overtook it.

I was so determined to show them how fast I could run that I know they were impressed.

As much as I had fun they weren't getting the hint that I'd had enough until I sat down and just panted and panted and then they came and fed me water from my bowl into my mouth. It was a great game but I think I'm going to have to sleep for a long time now to get over it.