Wednesday 24 April 2019

We Made It To The Stage In The End

Today was our day of adventures, today we were going on a roadtrip.

It was raining when we began but when we got there it was just windy.

Dangerous cliffs?

Yes where on earth are we?

Ah Lands End.

Then it was time to go to the next place.

The Minack Theatre.

A theatre right by the sea. 

There was a lot of steps down.

But we made it to the stage in the end.

Me and my Daddy.

There was strange writings everywhere.

All over the place, right up to the edge. Puppynap didn't come as close but me and my Daddy we're very brave.

It's been a very adventure filled day and now it's time for my bed but i need to have a big think on the day first.