Tuesday 23 April 2019

The Big Duck Race

When I woke up I forgot where we were...

...in the forest, right in it.

There's so many sounds and smells and things to do.

We went out to go and see the bug hotel. It was full of bugs.

But we were really here for the big duck race. Our one was Daisy because they didn't have one called River. Puppynap checked.

We had to go to the starting line on a little bridge.

And then we were off.

Come on hurry up they're going really fast.

Daisy was number four.

We didn't win but it was good and so we went back for a little rest by the geece but they didn't come to say hello.

So then it was time for us to go for another adventure.

Up the hill to see the bluebell forest...

...and scary place, no sign was needed we wouldn't be going in there.