Monday 22 April 2019

I Didn't Even Know - In The Middle Of A Forest

When Puppynap woke me up this morning I didn't even know.

We were going on our holidays.

A real life holiday.

It was long in the car we had to stop off for a walk and then we met another lady and her doggie and they were going to exactly the same place.


We went past a place called Stonehenge lots of people were dancing around it.

But we wasn't anywhere near there yet.

It was sunny and I remembered the only other time I've gone on holiday was up to see Aunty S and Uncle A but this is the first time just us.

David has got a babysitter but he's not a baby.

And in the end we was nearly there, we're at a land called Cornwall.

Hip it was a little bit further and then we was their right in the middle of a forest.

We had to go for a quick walk to see some things.

There was a little bit with photos...

...of little doggies.

Our place has a lot of things to see from it.

This way and that way.


Lots of trees.