Thursday, 5 October 2017

She Needs My Protection

Daddy and Puppynap and Nanny are here today and it's not even a weekend.

I was very surprised because I didn't know what was happening.

It was a strange night, Daddy had a cold so Puppynap said he would sleep down the stairs last night so we camped out together all cuddled up, it was so comfy.

When we got up I got a toothstick and was eating that then all of a sudden the phone rang and Daddy and Puppynap ran out the door leaving me all on my own.

I was so confused but such a big girl looking after myself all on my own. I didn't know where David was.

After a few hours they came back and Nanny was with them. I was very pleased and then I heard that Nanny had a crash on a bridge on the motorway, a lorry had gone into her. She was very lucky she was OK, well she is now I'm giving her a cuddle.

She really does need my protection and that's what she shall get and maybe we can have a sleep together later. I'm going to hold her tight!