Sunday, 8 October 2017

My Weekend

It's been a busy weekend. Nanny went home last night and then first thing in the Saturday morning my friend the girl turned up with a card for me.

Puppynap are biscuits.

I like biscuits I think I've only had crumbs.

Is there a little bit you would like me to try now?

Then we had a sleep then we went for a walk.

Knock, knock!

It's Phoebe and Flo.

What's that you say your going to be moving house soon? Exciting!

All that news exhausted me to today I woke up gently, watching the day go by?

Any news on that biscuit idea?

Davis. Ok David you give it a try they might for you!

Would you like a lick of the feet? Would you?


No I guess I'll just have to watch the beautiful sunset instead.