Monday, 2 October 2017

5 Today - Eyes Full Of Love

We all woke up so early today. i was very sleepy and wanted to stay in bed but Daddy and Puppynap said I had to get up. It was still dark and I wondered what it was all about. 

Oh my goodness it's my birthday!

We all had big cuddles and kisses then it was time for some presents.

I got a toy burger...

...and some very tasty new treats all made of salmon, they were delicious.

And I got a new shoe to eat too.

And then a very special guest came to see me, I heard the car come up the driveway.

Quick come answer the door.

It's Nanny!

Then everyone went to work apart from me and Nanny.

I had a birthday sunbathe in the window.

I must have been asleep for a very long time because then Puppynap was home and we played with my new toys and I pulled on his sleeve.

And then we played with my new ball from Nanny.

Then had a birthday scratch.

Before I went outside to play with David, he'd been out all of the day.

Then it was time for dinner, chicken and chips.

Then Daddy came home and I got some more presents.

I love it and I think it loves me, his eyes are full of love.

By that time it was getting late so we all decided to go out for a long walk in the dark. 

What a brilliant birthday it's been. I wonder when it's going to be my birthday again?