Saturday, 23 July 2016


I was just feeling a little bit fed up and wondering what I would do today when all of a sudden...

...beep, beep. BRILLIANT my friends are here to see me, that little boy CC and his lovely little sister. She's a little baby you know.

When they came in I got very excited and went and said hello to them all and got lots of strokes and things and I had a very careful look at the little girl. You must be gentle around babies.

After we all said hello and had a little play in the garden it was time for lunch. I had the peppers.

I had a lot to eat and then got very tired because the sun was out and you need to have a little sleep when you are tired and the sun is out.

I only woke up when it was time for everyone to go. I think I slept a bit longer that I thought I would. Still that's the sun for you.