Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I've Just Had My Last Tablet - Very Lady Gaga

I've just had my last tablet. Puppynap's been wrapping them up in bits of Snackeroo's, trying to hide them from me.

I've seen them, sometimes they've dropped out on the floor and he's quickly wrapped them up in another bit for me.

I didn't mind taking them, they were small and didn't taste of much and they did make me better.

I'm glad I'm OK again now and was such a good girl, that's why Daddy took my collar off after 3 days, I didn't lick.

I didn't even mind wearing the collar, it didn't get in the way much apart from when I tried to drink, and I often got hand fed so that was a bonus AND it was a bit of a fashion statement.

Very Lady Gaga.