Friday, 1 July 2016

It Turned Out He Was Made Of Stone

I was waiting for Daddy to come home and then all of a sudden Puppynap picked me up and put me in the car. He said we were going to meet him somewhere.

Let's go!

We was only in the car for a few minutes and then we were there, where we were going.

There was a little garden especially for doggies.

Then I played a trick on Puppynap and hid under the bench he was sitting on.

But I didn't stay there long there was too many interesting smells everywhere.

I found a little doggie sitting by the door but it turned out he was made of stone.

Then Daddy turned up and I realised where we were going. We were going to see the Doctor it was time for my injections.

We went in and Daddy weighed me. I weight 7.2 kilograms, although I didn't want to sit still there were other little doggies everywhere.

I said hello to all of them but because there were so many in the end I had to sit on Daddy's lap and wait...

...until it was my turn to go and see the Doctor. 

Injection time!