Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Other Way Around

Puppynap said come on River, we're going out to get some fresh air before it rains but today we've got a surprise. Today we're going the other way around from our normal walk. I know the way follow me.

I was all excited to be showing Daddy the motorway when I saw another dog over the other side of the road.

I wanted to go to play with him but Daddy wouldn't let me, I tried to get there all the same.

It's not too busy on the motorway today, but there was enough cars for Daddy to see.

I wondered if we were going to go to the park...

...but we didn't, but we did go somewhere where i could have a good sniff.

A really good, long sniff. Yes other doggies have been this way.

And then we were at the place where all the rabbits live. I was glad I could walk down the hill today and not up it, it's very steep.

Although there was lots of leaves on the floor all mashed up there was some beautiful red ones still on a few tree's. They were very pretty.

And then we were at the tunnel.

I always walk on the side because sometimes there's glass on the floor and on the side I can smell other doggies.

And then the best bit happened. On the other side there was mud and I ran around and around in it.

I really love mud!