Thursday, 28 January 2016

Secret Hiding Hole

I was a bit confused this morning when Puppynap didn't start working. He then said a man was coming to take out the fire. I remembered him when he arrived, he's been here before last year.

He gave me a little stroke and said I was sweet but then Puppynap said I must sit on his lap to let him get on. I wanted to help him but Puppynap said I could help him when the man left.

Is this the time to help now?

Wow look at this secret hiding hole behind the fire.

It's very dirty up there, I don't think I like it much.

Then Puppynap started doing things and painting and things. I huffed a bit and he said when he was finished as it was a lovely day we could go out for a lovely long walk as it's not raining today.

Ta Dah, all done. And it's time...

...for me to fly!