Tuesday, 25 August 2015

One Of Two Things

I saw Puppynap put his shoes on and that can only mean one of two things, he's going out, or we're going out.

We were going out!

We went in the car and it was raining really hard but I was a brave girl and sat next to Puppynap really still and really good and then when we got there Daddy and Puppynap's friend S was there to meet me and give me a great big cuddle. 

We went for a little walk, well carry by Puppynap as it was still raining and he said he didn't want me to get wet.

We went to a pub and I had chips and a little sleep but then I needed to get to the bathroom but they didn't get the hint for ages, even when I walked around and around saying come on.

Finally they got it and we went for a walk in the park, there was lots of pigeons there but i didn't chase them.

When we got home I told Daddy and David all about my adventure.

I think David was jealous, he didn't stick around for long to hear the end of my story.