Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ah So That's What Was On The Agenda For Today! - Ying Yang Tumble!

Right, let's see what's first!

A sniff and nudge of David.

A wait up on the table.

Hang on what's this, a deviation from my plan for the day, there's a car there drawn up here.

Who is it? Who is it?

Is it? Yes, could it be?

It's The Elf, she's come to see me.

But I mustn't forget to eat my egg lunch, give me energy for this afternoons activities.

Licking Puppynaps nose.

Hang on, come back I wasn't finished yet. Things really aren't going to plan today...

...but at least the suns come out again.

And that egg's beginning to kick in, energy rush

Time to play Ying Yang Tumble!

Grrr! Grrr!

Right, won that now what's next?

Chewing some paper I found near Puppynaps work tools and things.


Watching The Elf pretend she's Nadia

Eating beef for my dinner from the BBQ - check.

Begging for chicken from the Husband Elf- check.

Encouraging David to beg for chicken from the Husband Elf - check.

And then watching the stars come out to play.

Ah so that's what was on the agenda for today!