Saturday, 1 August 2015

I Suddenly Saw Something

I suddenly saw something and I really had to show David but I couldn't find him anywhere...

...and then all of a sudden there he was, he'd been hiding up the tree.

David! DAVID! No come with me I have to show you something and it's really important.

No it's not the flowers I planted today...'s a beautiful butterfly!

And then all of a sudden Puppynaps cousin came to visit me and to have a play but she was a bit tired so Daddy said he would play with me...

We played chase all around the garden.

But no one can ever catch me, I'm the fastest little doggies in the world!

Awww David, you missed out on the brilliant game. I would play chase with you now but I'm just too tired to do anything but sit here and pant. Maybe later though!

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