Saturday, 4 July 2015

That Was One Nasty Storm!

That was one nasty storm last night!

It started just as we were going to bed, lots of bangs and the sky went all white. Puppynap cuddled me in close to him on the sofa to make sure I was OK and I was for a bit. Then it got really bad and it was happening all at the same time.

Daddy said everything would be OK and I should stay close to him and cuddled me next to him on the bed but I was so scared I couldn't stop shaking or panting and as nice as it was being close to Daddy and Puppynap, each side of me, I just couldn't stay in the bedroom so I came down the stairs.

Daddy followed me and for a while he sat with me and made a little tent between him and the sofa and that felt a little bit better and I decided I was ready to go back to bed but just as we got settled.


I ran back down the stairs and cuddled up on the sofa all night. I don't like storms, they are scary like fireworks! 

I'm so glad it's all over now and I'm so tired, I've hardly slept, I'll have to spend the day catching up with my sleep, I do hope they are quiet when everyone gets up!