Sunday 12 July 2015

Don't They Know By Now?

Thank goodness when I woke up today Puppynap was here because yesterday morning when I woke up he wasn't he was gone and I didn't know where he was. Then Daddy was here and gone and here and gone all day leaving me here to look after David.

In the end right at the end of the day when it was dark Puppynap was back and I was so glad to see him I did jump backwards twirls and cuddled up with him and Daddy on the sofa with the duvet. He said he hadn't been very well and he had been in hospital but luckily he got well enough in the end to come home.

I'm going to sit on his legs all day today so he doesn't go anywhere I didn't like my Daddy and Puppynap not being here with me. Don't they know by now that when they aren't very well Nurse River is here to make them better?