Saturday 18 July 2015

I Played A Little Trick

I was just in the garden trying to keep cool, because it was a hot day, when all of a sudden Daddy jumped up and said he was going to do some gardening things.

I supervised!

And then all of a sudden I had an idea and ran off to see if Nadia wanted to help me, but she was happy having a sleep.

And then when I said to David he said it was too hot but he would stay there are watch me.

I went up to Puppynap when he was sunbathing and wagged my tail at his back. He brushed it but he didn't turn around, I then did it again and he did it again and then I did it a third time and he turned around and saw me and laughed. He said he thought it was a little fly buzzing him.


That was my plan, I played a little trick on him.

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