Wednesday 24 June 2015

Puppynap My Other Daddy

When I woke up I remembered that there was something that I forgot, then I remembered... was Puppynap, my other Daddies birthday today. Happy birthday x

Then some plants arrived and I went to help my Daddy sort them out...

...and then we went for a walk. 

Today we're going down the road.

Then up this road.

Past the house with the doggie who always barks.

Sorry, can't find a way in, can you see me?

Then we went up this side of this castle.

I know what's coming up.

And across the big road, run Daddy, run.

And up by the stream. It's very hot today and I could do with a drink, all this water is making me want one.

Thank goodness they brought some with them, I couldn't get any from there.

I know where we're going now,, life in full colour. Wow!

In to see Nanny and Grandad.

And say hello to the squirrel up the tree.

Time for some more refreshments. Water ummm!

Then it was time to go home.

But boy was I hot. 

Come on, carry me someone.

I know the direction.

Home to tell David all about my adventure.

It was lucky David burst Puppynaps pool, I managed to have a good old long drink to cool myself down. 

Perfect height, thanks David!

And Daddy put my shade over me to keep me cool.

Until David said he wanted to play chase with me so we ran around and around the garden until we ran out of breath and...

Daddy said come on River, it's steak for tea.

Yes, David's got the same. Yes definitely the same it taste exactly like mine

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