Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Trip To The Dentist

Brilliant Daddy and Puppynap said come on we're going on a special trip this evening.

Come on then, what we waiting for?

Up the road and through the car park, must remember not to treat on the white lines.

Ooh where are we? I've never been here before?

Then Daddy went inside and left me out with Puppynap. Puppynap said Daddy wouldn't be long but he had to go and see the emergency dentist.

Come on Puppynap said, we can go anywhere you want.

OK, up on the wall for a little walk to begin with.

*Sniff, sniff.* 

Yes this way.

That's what I could smell, all this white stuff that's come off the tree. 

Then Puppynap went into a shop and said if I was a good girl I could get a special treat.


This is turning out to be a brilliant special trip.