Monday, 8 June 2015

I'm Not Letting Him Out Of My Sight

When I fell asleep  was outside and Puppnap was next to me but when I woke up he was gone!

Something scared me and I didn't know what and ran straight inside to see if he was here, but he wasn't!

I then went up the stairs to see if he was up there I could hear him but I couldn't see him and I barked and cried at the door to the bedroom and in the end I pushed it in but he wasn't there.

Then I worked out his voice was in the bathroom and everything was OK and he would be out in a minute, he was having a bath.

I went and ran into the office room, the door was open, and waited for Puppynap to come out.

I ran up to him and cried out to be picked up. He did and he gave me a great big cuddle and said everything was OK and not to worry.

I'm not letting him out of my sight again!