Tuesday, 19 May 2015

We'll See About That!

I was just having a little sleep on Puppynap when he said come on River we're off out!

Brilliant! Where we going?

Ooh we're going to see monkeys in the jungle but then Puppynap said we were going to see a new Doctor and I was going to get a check up and some injections.

Then Daddy turned up and I was so excited I had a little wee wee on the carpet...

...and Puppynap and Daddy took me outside and laughed. Outside I had a little drink and met another little dog, but he didn't say much.

Then a lady called out my name and we went into a special room. She gave me a big check over and said my heart was perfect, I knew that. Then she gave me some injections, which was OK I'm a big girl when I get injections, then she said I had a very small thing called a hernia and Puppynap felt it and said he would know where to check but they said there was nothing to worry about.

Daddy then asked if it would be OK if I had babies and the Doctor said yes everything would be OK and then all looked relieved.

The Doctor then took me out the back to get my nail's clipped, but I was having none of that and in the end they brought me back to Daddy and Puppynap and said they couldn't do it today but they would give it a go in a couple of weeks when I come back for some more injections. We'll see about that!