Saturday, 16 May 2015

It Was My Pleasure

I've been such a help today with everyone. First of all I supervised Daddy as he did some gardening type things.

Then when we was on our break I heard a noise... was Nadia!

I think she was a little bit lost, I've not seen her for days so I sat with her and told her all about everything in the garden so she wouldn't get lost again.

And then David came out. I think he got a bit confused, must be because of his operation yesterday, he thought I wanted to play with him, I did of course but later, first of all I wanted to tell him all about the plants in the garden, I learnt all about them ages ago with Puppynap gave me an Education Week.

When Daddy was done I went to inspect his work. Yes I think that will do for me nicely.

And so will that but really Daddy there's no need to make a fuss it was my pleasure to help everyone today.

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