Sunday 18 August 2013

It's Been A Brilliant Day

It's been a brilliant day, I was sitting with Puppynap in the window when I heard a BEEP BEEP and Daddy went to the door and when I looked out the window I could see them, it was the Elf, THE ELF, THE ELF IS HERE. LET ME OUT, THE ELF! 

Puppynap picked me up and held me really tight and then when he let me go the Husband Elf came and gave me lots and lots of strokes, it was lovely.

 And then all of a sudden I saw The Elf sitting down, I don't know how she crept past me and I didn't see her.

Ahh this is lovely, the Elf always plays with me for ages.

After about 2 hours Lil' came down to say hello.

I heard her and was waiting for her to come and play with me and the Elf.

The Puppynap said come on River, come and help me find Nadia. She was sunbathing and Puppynap said she wasn't allowed to stay out in the evening because there's a FOX around and he might eat her.

When we came back in I showed the Elf and the Husband Elf how good I've got at showjumping. The Elf laughed a lot, I bet she loves going horse racing, it must be a hoot for her if she finds jumping so funny.

Afterwards we had a cuddle and I had a little sleep, they said I was fighting it but I don't know what they mean I don't fight anything except my toys and they are mean't for that.

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