Sunday 25 August 2013

A Yellow Butterfly, Ta Dah I'm Snow White

It's been a really busy weekend. First of all what I did was when I saw Lil' on the window I went out to see what she was looking at...

...but I searched really hard and I couldn't see anything

and I really tired hard and then I saw it, a yellow BUTTERFLY!

  and then it flew away and I went inside for a bit of a sit down.

  And then Puppynap came in and said look who's here to see you. WHS. WHS it's that lady that lives a long way away that we went to see but the man wasn't with her he was somewhere else I think. I love WHS.

Play with me, play this with me.

Daddy said we was going to go out but that it was raining cats and dogs which isn't true but it was raining a lot so I showed WHS how good I've got at jumping.

I can do it in more that one way!

But this was my favourite one. Dive! 

Lil' came in to see and she said I did it very well but she didn't want to join me today in doing it.

She preferred to play tootsie with Puppynap.

And then when we woke up WHS was still here and Daddy said come on River let's have a spa day and WHS is going to join in.

I was sleepy so I didn't care. Blimey that's short.

I then had a bath and they showed how to bath me, I showed how to dry me!

I then got a kiss for being so good girl.

Ta Dah, I'm Snow White.

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