Sunday, 21 May 2017

I Was Left To Babysit Granddad

I've had a brilliant weekend.

I thought it was just going to a quiet one and got myself all settled next to Daddies feet.

But then I heard a beep, beep. It was Nanny and Granddad, they had come to see me. 

Then Daddy and Puppynap went out.


Then I realised, I was left in charge to babysit Granddad. I take such duties very seriously and made sure he was behaving. When Daddy and Puppynap came home we all had some pasta and played games on the TV.

Well they did I chased David around the house before I fell asleep tired with all the work I'd had to do today, they do need keeping in check those two.

And when I woke up I was given a great big cuddle and kiss. Today was a celebration in the sun, bit of luck it was sunny then, because today it was a birthday, the 7th birthday of my daddies living in this house. I wonder where they lived before?

Oh who cares this is just perfect now.