Saturday, 27 May 2017

Before We All Came In

When I got up there was thunder and lighting.

Make it go away!

Then it did and it got very hot. So hot I panted... Daddy put me under my garden shade...

...but I didn't stay there long. I wanted to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.

Then we saw a helicopter.

And I checked out what Pupptbap was up to.

Then I had a drink in the shade, Daddy made me...

And moved me into position on my cool pad.

But I wouldn't sit still so they brought me inside in front of the fan then nanny and granddad and auntie J came to see me,

But I decided I wanted to be outside with Puppynap in the shade, watching was he was up to.

Then we saw a great big X in the sky. 

And I got fed some green peppers to help me re-hydrate and because I was hungry.

The Puppynap finished so I went for an explore as he tidied up.

Before we all came in to sit and watch films and chat and rest.