Wednesday, 26 April 2017

It's Daddies Birthday Today

It's Daddies birthday today and we opened our presents before we went to bed.

I gave Daddy this, I saved up all the things I found and gave them to Puppynap to do a trade thingy for Daddies present.

In the morning we had breakfast on the rug together.

The nanny and granddad came to see me.

And Daddy and Puppynap went out...

So I decided to...

...have a sit on granddad's lap. Comfy.

Then it was time to chase nanny around outside. One two one two.

Then they came home and it was time for me to have a spa, shoulder massage from Daddy.

Then a leg one and a bit of a brush.

Followed by a healthy red pepper for dinner.

And a cuddle with David. It's been a brilliant day, I've loved Daddies birthday but I love Daddy even more.

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