Saturday, 1 April 2017

And We Had A Little Chit Chat

It was lovely and sunny when I got up this morning, so lovely me and Puppynap went out to have a little sunbathe.

David came to join us... 

...and we had a little chit chat.

Then Puppynap said Daddy was on his way home to see me.

I waited as near to the back gate in the sun as I could for him...

I didn't have to wait long before he came and gave me the biggest stroke and kiss.

And I showed him the lovely flowers that were out having a dance.

But what I really wanted was to have some lovely alone time with Daddy. That's the best thing. 

That and sunbathing with Puppynap in the window as Daddy had a little sleep..

...on the sofa. I joined him to keep him company and because I had missed him.

We must have slept all afternoon and I was very tired when I woke up to my dinner of scrambled egg.

And for afters...

...a beautiful rainbow.

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