Friday 17 February 2017

Today I Went To Work

I was so excited last night thinking about going into work with Daddy that I could hardly sleep and then when it was time to wake up I found it very hard. It was so early the sun was only half up.

Come on, I shouted to Daddy and Puppynap, it's time to go!

But they said it wasn't quiet time yet, they had to get my pack lunch together, because that's what you have when you go to work.

It is time yet?

I wasn't but then it was and Puppynap put my smart coat on because that's what happens when you go to work you wear a smart coat.

David dropped by to wish me luck but I don't think I needed luck I just needed to get going.

And then it was time. I know because I saw Daddy go to the front door with my packed lunch and a pillow for me to rest on and a toy to cuddle up with or play with if I felt like it.

But then he forgot me.

But then he didn't as he came back and put me in the car and buckled me in all nice and safe.

When we got there I had a little investigation around to see everything. Puppynap brought me here a couple of times before for a few minutes so I knew the lay of the land.

Daddy made me a bed on the table next to him so I could keep an eye on what was going on. There was a very good view of everyone from here but I was so tired as I got up early and couldn't sleep last night that I fell asleep quite quickly.

I didn't sleep all the day though there was too many things going on for me to have a look at so I decided to put myself in the middle of the floor so I could supervise everyone. I'm going at supervising I do it for Puppynap a lot.

AND I jumped off Daddies table twice!

I couldn't wait to get home to tell everyone all about it and then there was another surprise The Elf was here to see me too. What a day it's turned out to be, BRILIANT!

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