Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My Second Secret Surprise Of The Week

I hadn't forgotten, today was the day I was going to be getting my second secret surprise of the week.

I was up and ready really early, just waiting for it...

...and not very long after I got up Puppynap put my coat on me and said we was going to go and find my second secret surprise.

We drove for a little while and when we got out I remembered I'd been here before.

We was at the train station. I didn't know who we was waiting for but I didn't have to wait long.

It was my Auntie S she had come to see me. We went back home for a little bit to have a catch up and then we got back in the car and went and met Daddy for lunch...

...I had the chips and lots of strokes from the lovely lady there... 

...then we came home and saw a rainbow. I also heard them talking about what my next secret surprise was and it;s to happen on Friday but I can't say I can't spoil the secret.