Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Wrong Time - Ooh Ooh

Puppynap put me in the car very early this morning. It was so cold that all the windows went white and we couldn't see through them. He got a scrapy thing and cleaned them up so I could see and then we went to the garage.

He chatted to the man but it turned out we had the wrong time for something then we and came back home but as he said we was going for an early morning walk...

...we did just that.

Everywhere you look things are white, it's not snow although it looks like it. It's that frost stuff again.

Ooh, ooh, slippy. Not great for jumping in but that doesn't stop me.

We went around to look and see if any Christmas decorations were still up but they wasn't, although the sun was, nice and bright.

Ooh, ooh very slippy, must take care.

Especially down the steps, ooh, ooh, watch out there Puppynap here I come get ready to catch me!