Saturday 14 January 2017

I Wonder What I Can Grab When They're Not Looking

I didn't know what was happening and then all of a sudden i was all coated up and in the car, we were going for a ride... see some snow...

...and we kept going and going and I fell asleep.

But I did wake up when we stopped and I remembered we had been here before. We were at Daddy and Puppynap's friends house.

We'd come to see our friends for dinner.

And a explore around the garden.

It's such a lovely garden with so many toys to play with.

After dinner we all sat down for a chat and a catch up. I sat in the swinging chair. I was a little unsure of it every time I moved it moved. Still there was a great view of the dinner table from up there, I wonder what I can grab when they're not looking.