Monday, 2 November 2015

Where He Used To Play As A Little Boy

Ooh, ooh! Puppynap is putting his shoes on, I wonder if he is going to take me with him.

YIPPEE! He is, he is he said he's going to take me out for an adventure.

He said he's going to take me out to a place where he used to play as a little boy.

Up the road.

Um, I love the smell of lavender.

And...lift off!

Autumn is brilliant, there's leaves everywhere for me to play in.

Ahhh! We're going to go across the motorway bridge.


...there's lots of cars on it today.

This was is it? OK.

Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves,

Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves!

And here we are, just past all those leaves, and into a wood. I'll lead the way.

Oh! I'm a bit lost now.

But don't you worry, I'll find us a way out of this wood.

Found it! 

All the way up this great big hill. Phew that was tiring work but never you mind, River the wonder dog will always get us out of trouble!