Monday, 23 November 2015

I Found One!

I was having a lovely little sleep when Puppynap said come on little girl we're going out to have an adventure, to find some natural Christmas decorations.

Come on then I'm ready!

Wow it's sunny but cold, I'm glad I put my jumper on.

So what exactly is it that we're looking for?

Ah pine cones is it? Is this a pine cone?

Right, we're going to go through the tunnel to the land on the other side but first I'm going to have a sniff at all these leaves.

Ah I know what to do when we have to cross a bit road, we need to make sure there's no cars coming from any direction.

Come on then the roads all clear.

What's that man doing down that whole in the floor?

Oh I don't know but it smells really funny around here.

*Sniff, sniff*

Yes some dogs have been this way so we must be on the right track.

Wow Puppynap, quick look at what I've found.

A baby waterfall!

Are you OK Puppynap, it's a big hill we've got to climb?

Oh! It's a bridge hat goes over the motorway, can you see all the cars?

Oh nearly forgot, I should be looking for pine cones. Nope none in here.

*Sniff, sniff* 

What do pine cones smell of?

Tum, de dum, de dum,

Pine cones here we come.

I found one!